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Snow Plow Control Cup Holder Mount

This Cup Holder Mount is first-rate for the western snow Plow controller! It is manufactured of accu-space grade plastic and imparts a durable black anodized aluminum finish, it is in like manner lightweight and facile to wear. The Cup Holder Mount is enticing for your snow Plow and peerless for mounting on your vehicle.

Snow Plow Controller Holder

The snow Plow controller Holder is a peerless way to keep your snowplows running all year long, this Holder independents from the old standby "kneepet" mount. The Cup is easily removed for cleaning and is with the snowplows under your car, the Holder is fabricated of sturdy materials and the controller itself is a practical design. The western snow Plow controller Mount is a fantastic piece of art and is unequaled for holding snow plows, it is fabricated from old-fashioned metal and is produced to hold a lot of weight. It is basic to handle and is sensational for a variety of applications, this is an in-housemade Mount for the western fisher snow plow. It is an 82007 model, which is a newer model than the old western fisher snow Plow controller, the Cup Holder for the old snow Plow was designed to hold the controller and any associated cables. The Mount is a small, plastic piece that sits on the wall and contains the Control unit and any associated cables, the Mount this piece attached to the wall with a screws. The Mount is needed to disconnect the power from the snow Plow during maintenance or repair, this Mount includes a blue snow Plow Control Cup Holder and a double Mount for straightforward installation. The double Mount can be removed for basic cleaning, the Mount also includes a quick detach switch for basic operation.