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Revell Gmc Pickup With Snow Plow

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Gmc Pickup With Snow Plow Model Kit

This is a Revell Gmc Pickup With snow Plow model kit that you can use to create your own, this model grants an 124 scale, which is about like the one in your car or truck. It gives a white paint With black numbers, and is fabricated from metal, it is ready to play With a snow plow. This Revell Gmc big Pickup With snow Plow 124 scale plastic model kit 85-7222 is a best-in-class surrogate to add a touch of luxury to your vehicle, this model kit contains all the features and details you need to create a beautiful and luxurious experience. This model kit is sure to make a statement at your events or showrooms, this Revell Gmc Pickup With snow Plow offers been well loved by customers. It is a good investment for admirers who desiderate to have a clean drove and drive free car, the snow Plow helps to keep the vehicle clean and free of dirt and dust. This pick up also presents an extra set of wheels and a slightly increased ride time, however, the main attraction of this pick up its snow Plow system which helps to keep the vehicle clean and free of snow. This Revell Pickup With snow Plow is produced out of 85-7222 materials, and contains the necessary parts for you to create your own ultimate machine, this truck extends a snow Plow on the front and back of the vehicle. It is fantastic for working on driveways, and more, the Pickup is additionally sure to help keep your truck's driver and passengers safe.